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Holistic Vanity Repairing Rosehip Skin Tonic

Holistic Vanity Repairing Rosehip Skin Tonic

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A remarkable tonic that uses potent Rosehip hydrosol to restore damaged complexions.

Repair and refresh at the same time! This 100% organic toner balances the skin's pH and increases hydration, helping to prevent and diminish the appearance of scars, marks, pigmentation, and sun spots.

  •  Rosehip water: Contains high amounts of Vitamin C and is known for its power to rejuvenate the skin, repair scars, burns + pigmented spots 
  • The rosehips in this product are steam distilled in copper metal equipment because copper has natural anti-bacterial properties that kill yeast and fungus, purifying the Rosehip + bringing out its sweet not
    Directions: After cleansing, place 2-3 pumps of this tonic into the center of your palm and clasp them together. Press gently into clean skin, applying it to the entire face (including eye area) and neck. Follow with your regular moisturizing routine.

    Ingredients: Rosa Nutkana (Rosehip)*
    *Certified organic
    Organic Content: This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredient