Winter Skincare Guide

1. Avoid foaming cleansers Foaming cleansers can strip the skin's oils and compromise it's protective layer against the cold. Use an oil-based, or cream cleansers during the winter. (Try Holistic Vanity's Aloe Kumari Cleanser)

2. Use a face balm A moisturizer helps protect and hydrate, but it's not enough to repair a compromised barrier function. If you need extreme protection, a face balm is your strongest line of defence against moisture loss. (Try Province Apothecary's Protecting + Restorative Face Balm)

3. Layer your products Layer products to hydrate and protect skin, such as using a toner, water-soluble serum, moisturizer, and oil. Try using a hydrating toner like Graydon’s Face Food Mineral Mist and concentrated serum, like Holistic Vanity's Hyaluronic Protein Lupine Serum underneath your favourite moisturizer to boost its effectiveness.

4. Stop ‘soaping’ up your whole body Avoid using drying soap on your arms and legs. Always follow up with a lotion or oil after the shower, when your skin is still damp. (Try Basd Body Lotion and Body Wash)

5. Brighten up with colourful lip and cheek balms - Add moisturizing colour to enliven your complexion using DaLish Lip and Cheek Balms or bold mattifying lipsticks that will stay long-lasting without drying out lips. 

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