Summer Skincare Guide

  1. Always wear a sunscreen daily! Even if you’re in the shade or indoors by a window, UVA rays can still penetrate. Get in the habit of wearing at least 1/4 tsp of sunscreen on your face and neck each day and use a water-resistant sunscreen while swimming or active outdoors.

    Gently exfoliate - hot, humid weather can leave skin congested and prone to breakouts. Use a gentle exfoliator to help clear pores and remove buildup. Always exfoliate at night and avoid intense exfoliation during the summer since skin is more sensitive to UV exposure and damage.

    Use a concentrated Vitamin C serum, or antioxidant rich oil (like seabuckthorn or Graydon's Superfood Serum) to counteract UV radiation and help protect skin before damage is done. If you’ve had too much sun exposure, slather a vitamin C serum and seabuckthorn oil on immediately after to help counteract UV damage and repair the skin.

    Lighten up products - Never skip applying a moisturizer since your skin still need hydration and protection (especially while in the hot sun), but you can lighten up your products by using a water-soluble serum (Like Consonant’s HydrExtreme) under a moisturizing sunscreen or light lotion like Graydon’s Sensitive Skin Stuff.

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