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Pregnancy Skincare

The following selection is for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding; products have been chosen as 'preferred' skincare to use during this time. This is not to say that all other products in the shop are not 'pregnancy safe', but the following have been selected under the following criteria: 

  • essential oil free, or 
  • contains very low concentration of pregnancy safe essential oils
  • free of salicylates (willow bark, aspen bark, salicylic acid)
  • free from retinol or derivatives
  • free of chemical sunscreen filters 
  • free of caffeine 
  • pose a low likelihood of causing irritation (skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy)

**We always recommend to check with your doctor about questions or concerns you have on any specific products or ingredients. 

For more on the topic, read our blog post: "Best Skincare Products to Use During Pregnancy"

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