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If you’ve ever noticed a sudden change in your skin –sensitivities, breakouts, and uneven tone—it could be the seasonal change. It’s that period when the weather changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot and often leaves skin in a state of flux. As we enter cooler weather, help your skin by making a few adjustments to your routine to counteract these changes.

  1. Layer your products to achieve proper hydration, rather than using a heavier cream. Layer a hydrating serum under your moisturizer, or a nourishing oil over top to customize based on the fluctuating weather and what your skin needs. 
  2. Cleanse only 1x per day, and use an oil or cream cleanser, instead of a foaming one.
  3. Exfoliate flaky skin with a gentle scrub, and treat sun damage with an alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator (like lactic or glycolic acid). 
  4. Stop soaping up your whole body and use a rich body lotion or oil 
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