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Cycle Syncing Your Skincare Routine

Learn to work with your menstrual cycle and start cycle syncing your skincare 

Whether it's one painful pimple on your chin or a whole batch of pimples, the first step to finding a root cause of hormonal acne is to understand and work with your menstrual cycle, which is also called cycle syncing.

There are four phases in a woman's menstrual cycle and hormones fluctuate depending on the phase.

If you pay attention to when you break out, you'll probably notice that it happens in around the third week of the month, during the Luteal Phase, when progesterone makes skin swell, pores to get tight, and oil production increases. 

You can use this knowledge to start counteracting skin symptoms and also get to the hormonal root cause. 

For more on the topic, read: "Cycle Syncing your Skincare Routine to Stop Hormonal Acne"

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