Two daily habits that have slowed my skin from premature aging

Two daily habits that have slowed my skin from premature aging

Over 12 years later and my skin hasn't aged too much. What did I use? 

I was going through some photos taken over 12 years ago and I was pleasantly surprised to see that any premature aging has been minimal. Twelve years and two children later, I think I expected something more severe. I can't even give retinol credit, since I only started using that this year. 

Don't get me wrong, life has certainly taken its toll. I have more fine lines and chronic dark circles, but it could be worse! I credit this to two daily habits I've diligently followed to help slow premature aging. 

Starting in our mid twenties, collagen starts to degrade approximately 1% per year. That means I've lost approximately 10% of collagen in my face over the last decade, and I can tell. With age, a thinning effect happens where cheeks loose plumpness and skin becomes more lax. I used to have a baby face, so I'm actually okay with losing some volume in my cheeks!



Collagen loss is a natural occurrence, but our daily habits can also affect this and speed up the aging process. 

You have control over premature aging.


All in all though, I'm quite happy with how my skin has aged over these last 10-12 years and I credit this to two skin saving habits.

1. Wearing sunscreen every single day

Just because you don't get burned by the sun, doesn't mean UV damage hasn't occurred. UVA rays are the worst culprit for undetected sun damage. They're sneaky and can penetrate shade and windows. They also cause the most damage deep within the skin's layers, contributing to collagen and elastin breakdown.

It's easy to wear sunscreen everyday when you love the product! My favourite sunscreens are: Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen and Ultra Violtte Lean Screen.  

Sun protection is the number one way to prevent the signs of aging.

According to dermatologists, sunscreen is the only topical skincare product that can actually prevent the signs of aging. All the other goodies like retinol and vitamin C can help stimulate collagen production, but only sunscreen (and sun protection) can prevent premature damage from happening).

Fortunately for me, I never liked tanning. I freckle easily and my skin looks blotchy after too much sun. When my friends used to go to tanning salons, I was slathering on sunscreen and heading for the shade.

Now in my late 30's, I credit diligent sun protection for fewer fine lines and creases on my skin. Don't be fooled life has also taken its toll, especially with 2 small children at home. Lack of sleep and stress directly affect my skin and how it's aging, but sun protection is easier to control in my life right now!

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Cyberderm simply zinc sunscreen

Reduce Skin Inflammation 

If you're not diligent about sun protection, it's never too late, but preventing inflammation can help keep the signs of past damage at bay.

Years ago I fell in love with a ceramide moisturizer that has truly helped keep my skin barrier strong. That, applied with an niacinamide serum and face oil create the perfect skin protecting 'sandwich'. 

Chronic inflammation (whether it's low grade, or not) has long term effects on the skin and accelerates the aging process. A common cause of skin inflammation is a compromised barrier function. When the skin's top layer lacks integrity, moisture escapes (causing dehydration) and pathogens have an easy way in.

Inflammation is the skin's way of defending itself against  an "attack" when the immune function is triggered. Inflammation serves as the body's natural way of protecting itself against injury and infection. However, when it occurs on a continuous basis it can cause damage that stresses your skin cells and accelerates the aging process.

Common triggers for skin inflammation are:

  • Insufficient sebum (oil) on the skin's surface 
  • Excessive use of active ingredients, like peels and retinol
  • Over-cleansing
  • Pollution and UV damage
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar

Keep inflammation down by: 

Three Ships Replenish Barrier Repair Serum

Stress and lifestyle can be a tough one to control, especially if you have kids or many other reasons. (I have resolved that a good night's sleep may not be in my future for a while). That's not to say we shouldn't try to find a solution to calm stress, but first and foremost focus on what you can control. That means, focus on what you apply (or don't apply) on your skin and protect it against the sun.  Reducing inflammatory foods/ drinks and de-stressing will come, it just may take more time so be easy on yourself.

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